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s basalt harder than granite yahoo answers

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Why are basalt and granite the most important types of rock in the ... Excluding the rocks between my ears, I'd have to say that basalt and granite have the ... higher densities it's not surprising that there isn't very much in the granite. ... position as does the VW - under the truck (or continent, as the case may be).

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Granite block is usually processed into slabs, which can be cut and shaped by a cutting center. Granite tables are used extensively as bases for optical instruments because of granite's rigidity, high dimensional stability, and excellent vibration characteristics.

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or else, one experiences also the hardness of basalt.. What is the hardness of basalt? – Yahoo! Answers. Nov 22, 2009 · Plagioclase feldspars which are a component of basalt has a hardness of around 6 on the Mohs … What is the hardness of basalt on the MOHS hardness scale? Basalt is a rock containing various minerals.

is basalt harder than granite? | Yahoo Answers

May 05, 2007· No, I would assume granite to be harder than basalt. Granitic magma cools inside the earth (intrusive), so its crystals are larger and more pronounced. Basalt cools rapidly and is extrusive, so it has smaller crystals. Additionally, granite has more silica than basalt, and silica is a hard …

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Jan 28, 2008· Yahoo Singapore Answers ... What is the difference between granite and diorite? Follow . 6 answers 6. ... For the best answers, search on this site Diorite cannot have any more than 5% quartz while granite must contain (about) 25 to 60% quartz. Also, diorite contains mostly plagioclase feldspars (oligoclase to andesine ...

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Answer granite andesite basalt limestone Add Question Here Multiple Choice 0 points Question Guyots differ from regular seamounts in that _____. Answer they have flat tops, whereas seamounts have peaks seamounts have flat tops, whereas guyots have peaks guyots are only found in the Pacific Ocean they form during volcanism, whereas seamounts do not Add Question Here Pool Canvas …

why is basalt heavier than granite? | Yahoo Answers

Sep 30, 2009· Basalt is mafic and being a mafic rock means it has more Iron and Magnesium components than felsic rocks (like granite.) Felsic rocks on the other hand have higher silicate compositions. Now examining the atomic mass of the component elements isn't the only thing that goes into the density of a mineral or a rock, but it's an assumption one can ...

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Basalt, black granite, traprock, basalt powder, meta basalt, basalt fiber. black and form when molten lava from deep in the earth's crust rises up and solidifies. Get Price And Support Online Extraction Of Iron From Iron Ore The Blast Furnace. How To Separate Basalt From Sand

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Dec 07, 2009· Hey, I have to do this homework about rocks, can you give me some info and good sites. Thanks also I dont want a whole paragraph of writing just like notes. Because I do not want to cheat.

Which igneous rock would weather faster; granite or basalt ...

Nov 13, 2009· The Granite Railway, America's first railroad, was built to haul granite from the quarries in Quincy, Massachusetts, to the Neponset River in the 1820s. With increasing amounts of acid rain in parts of the world, granite has begun to supplant marble as a …

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Real life stone, gravel and sand densities (weight / volume) vary widely: ... In some areas limestone is heavier + harder than granite ( Bedford, Indiana limestone). Read More. ... How much does a yard of decomposed granite weigh Answers ... What Is The Density Of Crushed Stone Aggregate Mm Mm Mm density of gravel 20mm MMC what is the density ...

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Earth Sciences is the study of the Earth in terms of Geography, Geology, Geophysics, etc. It combines the use of Sciences such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics to understand the ...

What Is the Difference Between Basalt and Granite ...

What Is the Difference Between Basalt and Granite? Granite is an intrusive rock with few contaminants, while basalt is an extrusive rock with many contaminants. Granite is the principal component of the continental crust, while basalt is the principal component of the oceanic crust.

what is the difference between basaltic rocks and granite ...

Sep 12, 2012· Yahoo Canada Answers ... less dense and richer in SiO2 than those found in basalt (granite is therefore a much more felsic rock). Minerals you will typically find is quartz, orthoclase and plagioclase. Hope this helped! ... what is the difference between basaltic rocks and granite rocks?

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Natural Stone Interiors: Questions on Granite Countertops

We get a lot of questions on granite countertops from our customers so we put together a page of the most frequently asked questions & answers on granite and natural stone tops. Questions such as: Do I need to seal my granite counter tops? What's the difference between marble and granite countertops? Can I cut on my granite countertops? How much does stone weigh?

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Yahoo Answers Sign in Mail ⚙ ... Consider the igneous rocks granite, rhyolite, and basalt. Discuss the environment of formation for each of these three rocks, specifically addressing where they formed and what types of minerals must have been in the material from which they formed? ... Which tool should you use to break up hard soil and to ...

Compared to felsic igneous rocks, mafic igneous 6 Which ...

Base your answers to questions 12 through 13 on the geologic cross section below. Radioactive dating indi-cates that the granite intrusion is 279 million years old and the vesicular basalt is 260 million years old. The rock layers have not been overturned. 12 The granite intrusion caused part of the limestone layer to undergo metamorphism.

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Nov 27, 2012· Yahoo Philippines Answers ... The ocean floor is made of mostly?granite basalt limestone clay and silt 2; Rock that is cooled and solidified above ground is... show more The ocean floor is made of mostly?granite basalt limestone clay and silt 2;Rock that is cooled and solidified above ground is called?intrusive ... show more The ocean floor is ...

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Where would you find Granite and Basalt rock in ... - Yahoo

Jan 13, 2009· Yahoo India Answers ... Where would you find Granite and Basalt rock in Ireland ? Im doing a Geography test and it involves igneous rocks, so where would you find Granite and Basalt in Ireland ? ... Granite and basalt are the two maximum plentiful igneous rocks on earth's floor. ... case in point the scoria to above left and the obsidian above ...

which mineral is not found in granite? | Yahoo Answers

Apr 26, 2013· Yahoo New Zealand Answers ... There's a lot of minerals ya know, and granite doesn't contain all 4000+ minerals that have been identified. ... K-feldspar (potassium feldspar), and some biotite and hornblende. So does that help? Also, basalt and granite are both volcanic rocks, but with different compositions. Basalt is not a mineral.


Aug 07, 2019· I would now like to turn the conference over to Chris Petta with investor relations for Granite Point. Mr. Petta, please go ahead. Chris Petta-- Investor Relations. Thank you, and good morning, everyone. Thank you for joining our call to discuss Granite Point's second-quarter 2019 …

Basalt and Granite

It's a lot like a cut on your arm, which will bleed until a scab forms. Basaltic magma is like the blood of the earth - it's what comes out when the earth's skin is cut the whole way through. As an eruption ends, the basalt "scab" heals the wound in the crust, and the earth adds some new seafloor crust.

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Quartz Vs Granite Countertops - A Geologist's Perspective. 2015-10-26· Granite is an igneous rock made up of primarily quartz, feldspar, micas, amphiboles, and a mixture of additional trace minerals These minerals and their variation in abundance and alteration give . Get More; what type of rock is granite? | Yahoo Answers. 2006-08-23· Best ...

Why is granite less dense than basalt and what process ...

Dec 06, 2015· Density is a mass per volume, let say if we have same ammount of volume granite and basalt what make granite less dense is because it has less mass than basalt. Now, how come the mass of granite is lesser than basalt? The mass of granite and bas...

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In the Roman Empire, the Romans used basalt for roads, because it was very hard so it would last a long time. They still used basalt for grinding stones, too. Roman traders often shipped basalt (bu-SALT) grinding stones on sailing ships to markets all over the Mediterranean, so people could have

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Also, Yahoo! Answers Community Guidelines policy prohibits members from sending unsolicited commercial messages. Questions. Answers. More. Questions Followed. Network. Are any of this rocks rare? Basalt Gabbro Granite Rhyolite Sandstone Limestone Shale Conglomerate Gneiss Quartzite Marble Schist Are any of the rocks rare?

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5.2 igneous Rocks - Science. STUDY. PLAY. An igneous rock formed from lava that erupted onto Earth's surface. ... Compare granite and basalt in terms of their origin and texture. - extrusive or intrusive. Hard, dense, and durable. What characteristics make igneous rocks useful.

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